Tuesday, April 20, 2010

possible origin of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS name?

Some fans have wondered how COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' band name originated. In the KGNU interview with NARASAKI, he stated:

"The name was given by one of the original members without too much thinking, but it implies our intention towards something deeper."

They were also previously know as COALTAR MAN (as seen on their demo tapes).

In the JROCK interview, NARASAKI stated:

"At the beginning we were called COALTAR MAN, but at the same time, there was already an organization of that name. A guitarist, who sometimes plays with us, (przeforsowal?) name that we have today."

(Please excuse the poor Polish-to-English translation Google Translate provided...)

It's nothing super special or anything, but here's an interesting thought...
Leland (aka Lostman), COTD FAN staff researcher, found an interesting website that had a collection of Japanese urban legends and one of them involved coal tar.

"Coal tar was used as insulation for electric wires in the early days. Somehow, rumors began to circulate that the thick dark insulating substance was derived from the blood of innocent young women. At the height of the rumors, many virgins were afraid to go outside, fearing they would have their blood stolen for use on the wires."

Source: [http://pinktentacle.com/2010/02/urban-legends-from-meiji-period-japan/]

Do you think COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' were possibly inspired by this urban legend?
Feel free to start a discussion.

Friday, April 2, 2010

more twitpics

I apologize for the late posts.
I've been busy with the new quarter.
I promise I'll post more later! ><; NARASAKI tweeted a couple of twitpics on his twitter!


近くにゲーセンがあったのでふらっと寄ってみた。フロッガーのアーケードがあった。ギャプラスはギャラガ3 と書いてあったよ。あとトロン BY Atari 1980

Everyone, wish NARASAKI a happy birthday tomorrow! :)