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SADESPER RECORD did the opening theme for the anime, Aikatsu! (アイカツ) called Signalize!
What are your thoughts on the song? I personally think it's cute, but I crave for more COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and non-anime material. However, good job for NARASAKI for getting more exposure!
PASSWORD HINT: fansite name

TOKUSATSU is releasing a new album, パナギアの恩恵!
They're still looking good! haha
You can listen to the samples on their official site:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sadesper Record cover MY BLOODY VALENTINE

Sadesper Record will cover "Soon" by My Bloody Valentine in a tribute album, "yellow loveless"!
It will be released on January 23, 2013!


Unfortunately, still no word on RABBIT EP but NARASAKI didn't forget.
COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS is selling shirts about RABBIT EP.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beyond Time and Space

NARASAKI has provided music for Kaoru Akagawa's video.
It's quite beautiful!

NARASAKI's tweet:
かなアーティスト 赤川薫さんのPVの音楽をやりました。 是非ご覧になって下さいませ。 (^O^)/

Beyond Time and Space

Monday, June 18, 2012

NARASAKI June 2012 Interview

Special thanks to foxiii for interviewing NARASAKI!
This special interview was for foxiii's undergraduate thesis on the underground Japanese indies scene. Keep in mind, questions were asked to help with his thesis.

(copy & pasted from facebook)

The interview was in Japanese. The questions were pretty standard good-old-band stuffs though. This is a quick and more contextual translation, not literal. If you found any significant mistake that made huge difference in meaning, please tell me and i will correct it ASAP. As I'm not an expert in Japanese.

A : Azam, N : Narasaki

A :「COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS」という名前はど 371;から来ているのですか? また、バンドの結成の経緯を教え てください。 > (Where did you get the name Coaltar of the Deepers'? Also, please tell the formation history of COTD)

N : このバンドには sinking slowly があり、その曲の中で「ゆっくり とコールタールの海に沈んでいく& #12301; という歌詞があってそこから取っ てます。 名付け親は当時のギターを担当し ていた人です。 彼は英語力がなかったため この ような意味の通じにくいバンド名& #12395;なりました。 ドラムスのカンノとはこのバンド を組む2年前にスラッシュメタル& #12398;バンドを組んでいたこともあり&# 12414;した。 はじめた当初は他にボーカルがい ましたが彼がやめてからそれまで& #12462;ターだけ だったNARASAKIがボーカ ルもとるようになりました。

There’s this song “sinking slowly” in this band, and there’s something like this in the lyrics : “Yukkuri to Coaltar no Umi ni shizundeiku” (Sinking slowly in the sea of “coaltar”). We took the name from there.

[azam’s comment: perhaps sinking slowly song has been written before they release the white EP]

That [coaltar] name came from our guitarist at that time [Not sure if this is Narasaki or other person]. Because he has no English ability, that kind of hard-to-explain 'coaltar' word became our band name.

[It's interesting how Japanese make strange words and sentences that sounds English but has no particular meaning.... like Cruyff in the Bedroom, Float down the Liffey, 4 Bonjour's Party, etc. I see some templates there. lol]

2 years prior to joining this band, Kanno the drummer was in a Thrash Metal band. At the beginning of the band, there’s actually a vocalist [watanabe] but he quit. Since then, Narasaki the guitarist became the main vocal in this band.

A : COTDの曲の背景や、曲の作り方及び 524;コーディングする方を教えてく{ 84;さい。また、COTDの曲にはどのメー&# 12475;ージ持っていますか、あるいは 2393;の話を伝えますか? > (Could you please explain the songwriting process and recording in COTD? Also, from COTD’s songs, what message or stories that you are actually want to tell?)

N : さまざまなプロセスで曲は作られ ます。 でも まず どんな曲を作りたいのかイ メージすることからはじめる事が& #22810;いです。 主に楽器はギターで作ります。  コード進行やリフを作ることから& #12399;じめ そこにメロディーをつけるような 順番です。 歌詞つくりは最後です。 伝えたいようなメッセージはあり ません。 逆に何を言っているのかわからな いようなものを好んで作ります。

Actually there are lots of different processes on songwriting. But, anyway,

At first, I usually imagine the song that I want to write. Mostly, I use guitar for songmaking. I begin from chord progression and guitar riffs. Based from that, I make the melody. The lyrics are written at the end. There’s no message that I want to tell [from our songs]. On the contrary, I love to write things that I don’t even know what I’m talking about. [Not sure about the last sentence translation. Please clarify]

A : COTDの曲は色々なムードを持ってい 390;、素晴らしいサウンドを醸し出{ 75;ます。例えば: 「WIPEOUT」のしゃみせん、「DEAD BY DAWN」 ;の突然ムード変わり、「RECEIVE ASSIMILATION」の素晴らしい創作、などな 393;。なぜとどうやってそんなサウ} 31;ドを作りましたか? > (COTD’s songs always carry many kinds of mood and produces amazing sound. For example in Wipeout (the shamisen sample), Dead by Dawn’s sudden change of mood (from dark to lighter), Receive Assimilation’s epic composition, and many others. Why and how did you create these unique sounds?

N:「WIPEOUT」のしゃみせん ・・・は 激しいノイズギターの 上で日本の楽器のサンプリングを& #20055;せたらどうだろう? という発想から作りました。 日本人にとっては妙な音楽だと思 いますが自分は聞いたことのない& #38899;楽を 作るのが好きです。

For example, in Wipeout, I was like, “what if I put Japanese traditional instrument sample on top of the heavy guitar sound?”, it began from that kind of Idea. I think, for Japanese people, that song is kind of strange but I like to make songs that I never heard before.

N:「DEAD BY DAWN」の突然ムード変わり ・・・2種類の声の使い分けを面 白くやろうとして考えたものです& #12290; 機械をつかってやるのではなくラ イブで再現できるものとして 考えました。

As about the change of mood such as in Dead by Dawn, I thought it would be interesting to make two kinds of voice in the song. I think it’s impossible to make it by machine, but it’s possible to reproduce it on live. [not sure about the translation.]

N:「RECEIVE ASSIMILATION」の素晴らしい創作 ・・・ギターを3本ほど重ねてコ ーラス感をつけ極上美のサウンド& #12434;作ろう として作ったものです。 これには時間がかかりました。 微妙に違うコードを重ねることに より音に広がりと奥行き感を持た& #12379;ました。

間奏の長いアンビエントタイム は宇宙からのパワーをレシーブし ている様子を表現しています。

As for the epic composition in Receive Assimilation, It was using 3 guitars layered. I want to make epic-beautiful sounds of chorus feel in the song. It took a lot of time for this. Perhaps by layering subtle different chords, it will give the sense of depth and width of sounds.

The long ambient interlude in the song was to show the feeling / situation of “receiving power from outer space” [this is interesting]

A : 多くの人によって、COTDは第一代の 085;本シューゲーザ・バンドです。{ 81;れは、どう思いますか?また、COTD&# 12395;よって、「シューゲーズ」とは 2394;んという意味だと思いますか? > (According to many people, COTD is the first generation of Japanese Shoegazer band. What do you think about this. Also, in your opinion, what’s the meaning of “shoegaze”?)

N : シューゲイザーがブームの特にこ のバンドがピックアップされただ& #12369;で 実際のところ 自分はこのバンド はシューゲイザーのバンドと思っ& #12390;いません。 シューゲイザー的な手法を用いた 曲がいくつか存在するバンドだと& #24605;います。 ただし自分はシューゲイザーに多 く影響されているのは間違いない& #12375; ギターがもつ響きがシューゲイザ ーのものに近いものが好きだとい& #12358;ことは事実です。

Though COTD picked up the heyday of shoegazer boom, the fact is, we never consider COTD as a shoegaze band. We are just happen to be a band that has some songs with shoegaze style. But we don’t deny if shoegaze is a big influence to our band. Also, it’s fact that I like guitar sounds that is something like / close to shoegazer.

A : COTDが多くのニューゲーザー・バン 489;(最近のシューゲーザー・バン| 89;)に大きな影響を与えることがӓ 4;るといわれていました。また、多 ;くの日本・シューゲーざバンドに よると、「COTDはLEGENDARYバンド!」と言 431;れました。それはどう思います{ 63;? > (Many newgazers (recent / new shoegazer bands) said that COTD gives big influence to them. Also, many of them said that you’re a legendary band in Japan underground scene. What do you think about this?)

N : まだバンドが活動しているのでLEGENDAR Yというのは少し可笑しいです。 シューゲイザー、ニューゲイザー というカテゴライズは気にしませ& #12435;が ニューゲイザーの人たちにこのバ ンドの曲の中で すごく気に入って曲があったら  それはとても嬉しいことです。

Because we're still active in doing music, it’kinda funny if people say our band is legendary. Though i don’t really care about 'shoegazer' or 'newgazer' categorization, I’m very happy that newgazer bands love / interested to our songs.

A: 「DEAR FUTURE」のシングルはアニメ・& #12469;ウンドトラック音楽になりまし&# 12383;ね。この曲について、少し背景 2394;どを教えてください。また、ど 358;してアニメに興味がありますかʍ 11; > (Dear Future became an anime soundtrack. Could you please explain what is this song about. In addition, why do you have an interest in Anime?)

N: レコード会社からオファーが来た ときはアニメのエンディングの曲& #12392;して うけており、そのときそれはまだ 誰が歌うのか決まっていませんで& #12375;た。

COTDに決まったのはしばらく してからでした。 シューゲイザーっぽい曲にしよう 、ということは決めていました。

When an offer for making anime ending soundtrack song came from the record company, it was not yet decided who will perform for that. Then, after a short time, it’s decided that COTD will do it. Then we were like ‘Let’s make shoegazey songs for it’

A: だいたいのCOTDのCDに歌詞が印刷あり&# 12414;せん。それは故意のことですか 5311;なぜですか? > (Most of COTD’s CD has no lyrics printed inside them. Was this intentional ? Why?)

N: あまり 歌詞は重要でないと考え るからです。 何をいっているかわからないほう が曲が持つ世界観を聞き手が自由& #12395;とらえる事ができるからです。

Because i don’t really think lyrics are important. By not knowing what the musician saying [/the lyrics], the listener can freely interpret / capture the feeling by themselves.

[I always thought why many people can just love foreign songs without even know the lyrics, and I always think Narasaki's answer the reason.]

A: 最近の日本のメインストリーム音 楽(JPOP)及びインディーズ音楽(ĥ 05;には、シューゲーズ)についてӌ 9;どう思いますか? > (What’s your opinion about recent JPOP music and Indie / Underground music (especially shoegaze)?

N: まったく興味がないので詳しくな いです。 街でながれる流行歌は聞いていて 不快になることが多いです。 日本のシューゲイザーバンドはあ まり詳しくありません。

Because I absolutely has no interest [in JPOP / mainstream stuffs], I’m not really familiar with it. Lots of popular songs in the town are really horrible to listen to. As for Japanese shoegazer bands, I don’t know much about them.

A: 一番好きなバンドは誰ですか?最 近、どのような音楽を聴いていま& #12377;か? > (What’s your favourite band / musician and what music do you recently listen to?)

とても難しい問題。なぜなら好き なジャンルがたくさんあるから。 でもmybloodyvalentineはリマスターが出たので ;最近 それを聞いてます。 あとは kaki king やfionn regan ばかり聞いてるよ。

Well that’s a hard question. Because I really like lots of different genres. But recently, I listened to MBV’s newest remastered releases. I also listened to Kaki King and Fionn Regan recently.

A : ASTROBRITEと一緒に合作しましたね、合߯ 6;の経緯を少し教えていただけませ ;んか? > (You worked together with Scott Cortez’s Astrobrite, could you please tell me about the collaboration process?)

N: なぜかASTROBRITEの曲をインターネットӗ 1;聴くことができて、これは好きだ ;。 と思って、詳しい友人に「このバ ンド知ってる?」と聞いたら スコットと個人的なつながりがあ って、日本でライブがしたがって& #12356;るというのを 聞いて、日本での公演のメンバー サポートを提案しました。 それならそのメンバーでついでに 録音もしようということになった& #12290;

合作といっても曲はすべてスコッ トが作ったものです。

[The answer of this question was pretty confusing to me. My friend and teacher, Maya Yonesho, who happened to be online helped me a lot in this. But if you have better interpretation, please tell me]

(I don’t really remember how) I listened to ASTROBRITE music on the internet by chance. I really like the music.

I asked a friend of mine, “Do you know this band?”. Apparently, he personally know Scott [Cortez], and asked to play live in Japan, then suggest me as support member for the performance. Well, from that, we started doing records.

Though it’s a collaboration, all of the songs were written by Scott

A: 今、COTDの活動は何ですか?またア 523;バム/SINGLE/EP近日レコード/リリ} 40;ス予定ですか? > (Right now, what are COTD doing? Do you plan to release new materials soon?)

N: ライブを年に3~4本くらいやっ てます。 録音などはあまり進んでいません 。

This year we will do around 3 or 4 gigs. There’s no plan yet for recording and stuffs.

A: 最後、海外のファンに、何かメッ セージをお願いします > (Last question, what’s your message to many of your fans outside Japan?)

N: 日本以外でこの音楽が気に入って もらえることはとても嬉しいこと& #12384;と思います。 ありがとう。

Having listeners outside Japan who love our songs makes me really happy. Thank you!

End of interview

Interview and Translations by Azam Wijaya R.

Additional credits to M. Satria and Maya Yonesho

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NARASAKI & Otsuki Kenji

I haven't been up-to-date with Otsuki Kenji's blog, so here's a catch-up review.
Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese and Google Translate is very limiting. Also, the COTD FAN translators are busy at the moment...
Pretty much, NARASAKI still keeps in touch with Otsuki Kenji, TOKUSATSU is still active, and Otsuki Kenji and the Zetsubou Girls still do stuff from time to time.

Otsuki Kenji's blog:

 NARASAKI, Yuu Kobayashi, & Otsuki Kenji

"ONLY YOU" gig


Otsuki Kenji and the Zetsubou Girls

NARASAKI & Otsuki Kenji guest appearance for something...


I received an e-mail in January from a Japanese COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS fan who sent me their fanart of NARASAKI.

artist: Chiemi (aka cokkeee)

This is the best fanart I've ever seen! Amazing work, Chiemi! Thanks for submitting your fanart to us! :)

If anyone is interested in submitting their fanart to COTD FAN, please e-mail us at!


Apologies for the lack of updates! I finally started to update the COTD FAN website! It's still under construction, but please be patient since I am the only person working on it. I hope you all enjoy the fansite's new appearance! The layout is based off of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' Yukari Telepath album cover!

Please join the COTD FAN Forums! We're a friendly community!

The long-awaited RABBIT EP has been delayed due to NARASAKI's injury and possibly because of his involvement with working on anime soundtrack music with Mawaru Penguindrum and UN-GO.

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS has done a number of gigs the past few months. They will be doing another gig in May.

According to NARASAKI's tweet, it seems that he wrote a song for a TV commercial for the neco channel.
"今日はCMの曲を書いてます。 チャンネルnecoの番宣です。"!/NACKIEeeee/status/197600265589891072

ICHIMAKI and BP. are active again!!/ichimaki_1mk

I think those are the major COTD & COTD-related updates... If I have missed something, please let me know!

Again, I'm very sorry for the lack of updates!