Friday, March 17, 2023


 COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS announced a 25th Anniversary live for SUBMERGE.
May 27th at CLUB SEATA.
The lineup will be NARASAKI, KANNO, Akira (Nakayama; Plastic Tree; guitar), Kenjiro (Murai; caligari; bass), and Morota (Eiji; keyboard).

You can vote for new COTD merch/goods on Vinyl Junkie's tweet:

Wednesday, March 8, 2023


NARASAKI created the song ADELHEID for idol group XOXO Extreme in 2022.
It is one of my favorite works of NARASAKI outside of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS.
Now the fans are gifted with a COTD version of the song.
You can purchase it on Yorosudo!


Monday, September 19, 2022

Sheep e.p.

 Sheep e.p. is coming...!!!!!

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS will be performing their new songs at their upcoming live shows!

Release date is unknown, but keep an eye out...!!!!!

I am having issues with the current COTD FAN website, so I am also slowly moving to Tumblr and Wordpress.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


February 2022

Translated by: Yumico M.

R - Recie (fan of 25 years)

R: Thank you NARASAKI-san for such a valuable opportunity to do this interview today.

N: No. Thank you as well.

R: Thank you for your time. The reason why we could make this interview happen is that I always bother you with many questions, such as how you think about the part of this song, how these happen at the show and so on, every time when I see NARASAKI-san. So he kind of got tired of answering my questions here and there and proposed to do it at once. Therefore, he is taking some time for me for this interview here. I have a lot of things that I want to go over, so let's get started.

N: Yup.

R: First, I'd like to ask about 3 shows you did in 2021. Last year was the 30th year since DEEPERS started, so I'd be interested in hearing how the 30 years of activities as a band got reflected in those shows. 

N: Okay.

R: I have the setlist for the shows here. Let's take a look at the one for the REVENGE OF THE VISITORS release show, "RELEASE PARTY," that happened in April. 

N: Yes.

R: You did the tour in 2019 to reproduce your first album release tour. 

N: Yeah.

R: At the show, you did all the songs from THE VISITORS FROM DEEPSPACE, right? So you tried to change up for a bit for this time instead of reproducing exactly in the same way?

N: Yeah. I thought of trying to do it all with the members.

R: You played the songs that you had never played, right?

N: Yeah, that's right.

R: This show was supposed to be happening before releasing the album. But because of the state of emergency, it got postponed to April.

N: Yeah...

R: Due to the schedule change, did you guys make any change into the setlist? 

N: No. No change.

R: So you just kept the same as the one that you were supposed to use for January?

N: Yes.

R: Although the show was postponed, were you able to stay in a good mood to perform on the day of the show?

N: Yeah... I think so. After all, it was actually good that it gave us more time to practice. We were able to do a rehearsal as well.

R: You played TASTE in the show.

N: Yeah. it's rare, right?

R: Not even rare. I think it was the first time playing the song in a show. You have played acoustic version in 2000, but not as a band. 

N: Ah yeah.

R: Any reason why you decided to play the song?

N: Mmm... the reason... I wonder what that was. I guess I was thinking of surprising the audience by playing the songs that we normally don't. Since last year, we started to do things like that to include songs that we had never played in the show. We played FAULT as well. That was also the first time. 

R: So that was on purpose?

N: Yes, of course.

R: The outro part of the keyboard sound of TASTE was arranged beautifully. But that was not in the recording.

N: Oh yeah? You liked it?

R: Is this something that NARASAKI-san came up with?

N: No. I asked MOROTA to come up with something since he seemed to be bored.

R: You asked MOROTA-san?

N: Yes.

R: So this is MOROTA's idea.

N: Yup. The phrase is.

R: I see. So, for other arrangements I hear in the shows, do other members come up with the ideas, or does NARASAKI-san have specific requests?

N: We try to stick to the original songs. But I ask guys to play however they feel for the songs that originals do not have keyboard parts.

R: You trust and rely on the members?

N: No. Just keyboard parts.

R: Okay. Just MOROTA-san. Otherwise, you try to play pretty much the same way as the originals.

N: Yeah. But recently, I haven't been too picky about such things. Although I try to come up with some new arrangements, I'm not sure if people would appreciate it. That's kinda how I feel.

R: Thank you. I still have a lot to cover, so let's keep going. Next, I'd like to ask about the 30th year anniversary show in September. To celebrate the 30th year, I heard that you tried to play 30 songs. Is this true?

N: Yup. But after all, the show needed to be shortened since ICHIMAKI-san cancelled at the last minute. There was also a time limit to end the performance due to COVID,  so I needed to fit everything in 2 hours. So playing 30 songs became pretty hard.

R: Although you couldn't make it happen this time, you did a crazy thing back in 2004 to play 33 songs for 2 days with no same songs being played twice. It was Oshare tour at Shinjuku LOFT. Thinking of that, playing 30 songs just one day is insane.

N: Yeah I know. I kind of knew it was impossible, but wanted to try.

R: People posted on Twitter mentioning that it would be an unprecedented number of songs.

N: Yup.

R: I felt that there were not that many of the same songs played from all 3 shows last year. Was it your intention?

N: I wonder.... oh. yeah. I think it was. We tried to play most of the songs from NO THANK YOU for the show in December. Then, we were set to play 4 songs from QUEENS PARK ALL YOU CHANGE and 4 songs from the first demo for the second half of the show in September. 

R: That's why you naturally decided and separated songs by the theme.

N: Yup yup.

R: For playing songs from the demo, how did you come up with the idea to do so?

N: I really wanted to play the second half of the show filled with songs that we played 30 years ago. It would be nice to have an anniversary show with songs from when we started and I can play them with original members.

R: It was like a festival?

N: Certainly.

R: How did you feel after you played the show?

N: I felt that so many songs were unnecessarily long. Outro parts of DEEPERS's songs are long. So when I was playing them, I felt that they were seriously so long.


N: Yeah. So long...

R: You tried to play SINKING SLOWLY as close as you did 30 years ago. That's why you played the song in an original key?

N: Yeah.

R: It was the first time that you played the song in an original key, wasn't it?

N: Is it? Nope. We used to play it in an original key.

R: Oh really?

N: Yes.

R: The beginning of the band?

N: Yes. In the beginning.

R: You already played the song in one key up when I started to catch your shows.

N: Oh yeah. I think so.

R: It was new to me and that's why it was nice. You had mentioned it previously, but ICHIMAKI-san and WATCHMAN-san couldn't make their appearance on the show. Did you need to make drastic changes onto the setlist for the REGULAR TEAM, the one ICHIMAKI-san was supposed to play?

N: Yeah. I kept all the songs but also added a few.

R: Which songs were they?


R: Have you already added them to additional shows?

N: Yes.

R: Did you make any changes for the one in September? The one with REGULAR TEAM.

N: Not on that one.

R: I see. So you have already included songs from YUKARI TELEPATH.

N: Yes.

R: Was ICHIMAKI-san supposed to play those songs?

N: Not for those songs.

R: You were not trying to play all the songs.

N: Yes.

R: So you were able to complete all the songs by adding some songs to the additional show in December?

N: Yes. That's correct.

R: So, were you, NARASAKI-san, originally planning on playing the guitar on the 30 year anniversary show with REGULAR TEAM?


R: Since ICHIMAKI-san cancelled the show, were you going to play the guitar?

N: Yes... oops. No no no. ICHIMAKI wasn't going play songs that I was playing. So I have already decided to play the guitar a lot for the shows.

R: I see. So you were already set to play the guitar for YUKARI TELEPATH songs since the beginning.

N: Yeah... It was hard.

R: It seems like a lot of work. How did you feel about playing the guitar and singing ZOEI? It was my first time seeing it.

N: It was hard.

R: I think so. You didn't write a song to sing and play the guitar together.

N: Yeah. I had already stopped playing the guitar by that time. At least for the recording.

R: Did you feel that you wanted to try?

N: I felt that the sound would be too thin and poor if I didn't add the guitar.

R: On that day, both original and new members played the show. Isn't it kinda unique to have a band which you play with both original and new members in progress at the same time?

N: Somehow, I have been doing it in that way recently.

R: Do you think there are other bands like that?

N: I wonder.

R: I don't think there would be that many.

N: Yeah.

R: Do you enjoy the difference with different members?

N: Yes.

R: So it is different.

N: Yeah. I personally prefer not to play sad songs with VISITOR TEAM member.

R: Because of their personalities?

N: I think so.

R: So, you prefer to play such songs with REGULAR TEAM members.

N: Yes. When I played a very dark song called GUILTY FOREST in the past, someone was playing the song being so silly. That traumatized me and I don't want to play the song with VISITOR TEAM members any more.

R: Not too much after releasing the song?

N: Yes.

R: In the early 90's, right?

N: Yes. You know...

R: Now I see that you have a reason for it.

N: I got slightly traumatized.

R: That's why you don't play GUILTY FOREST with VISITOR TEAM members.

N: Yes. That's right.

R: I got it. Okay. Let's move onto the next question. I'd like to ask about the show in December. This show got scheduled suddenly after the 30 year anniversary show in September, right?

N: Yes. That's true.

R: It's been 8 years since you last played with ICHIMAKI-san. How did you like playing together after so long? 

N: To be honest, I was very surprised that nothing has changed between us. 

R: You were able to have a good time?

N: Yes. We also played fun songs as well. That was also nice.

R: Yes. You played NO THANK YOU…

N: You know...  NO THANK YOU has a catch phrase something like, (LOVE &) DEATH+POP, right? Then, I felt that growl was pretty big while I was performing. So I tried to sort out one with growl by machine and growl by human, then I realized that we have many weird songs.

R: Once you played them again, you thought that you have many weird songs?

N: Yeah, weird ones. Also too simple ones.

R: The time when COME OVER TO THE DEEPEND and NO THANK YOU came out, you were focused on growing as a band.

N: Yes, that's right. My focus was more towards the band.

R: You played RIBBON NO KISHI on the day. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw ICHIMAKI-san played a song from YUKARI TELEPATH and you even played the guitar. It was amazing.

N: Yeah. That was ICHIMAKI's request.

R: Oh yeah. ICHIMAKI-san posted on Twitter about it.

N: So I thought that she was going to sing even just a chorus. But that wasn't it...

R: Did you ask her that you wanted her to sing?

N: Nah, not really. When she started to play, I was like, ah, she's not going to sing, just wanted to play.

R: Now you mentioned it, I want to hear her sing the song. Oh well. On that day, you guys played ASTRO VS APATCH for the first time ever after it was released over 20 years ago. This happened because of the intention of playing rare songs?

N: Yes. ICHIMAKI listed the songs that she sings. Then, I found a couple of rare songs. On the set list, it was listed as "ASTRO VS," just because we didn't play the APATCH part. So, it was ASTRO, not quite ASTRO VS APATCH.

R: Some people guessed so on Twitter. I guess they were right.

N: What do you mean?

R: APATCH starts from the part "Oretacha hadaka ga uniform." *The song came from the anime Apache Yakyuugun.

N: Yup.

R: KAWANAKA-san mentioned that the original was recorded in just one shot.

N: Yeah? Oh yes. I think for APATCH, we did it just in one take.

R: APATCH part?

N: Yes yes yes.

R: You are getting excited and let's do this! like that?

N: Yes.

R: You guys thought of playing the song at the show?

N: No. Somehow, no one mentioned it. It's not that we have a problem, but for whatever the reason, we didn't do it.

R: You have something like bonus or secret songs?

N: Yes.

R: While the band is still going, you try to do as many things so that you won't regret it later for not doing them?

N: Not really. It was more like, I think I can try this, like that.

R: Speaking of rare songs.

N: Yes.

R: I listed songs that you have never played at the shows except instrumental songs. There is SIESTA on the list. Have you played it before?

N: SIESTA. I think we also released under DEEPERS.

R: Yeah in a demo. *a demo that was passed out after DEEPERS show in 1996 at Shinjuku LOFT.

N: In a demo. Oh yeah.

R: Back then...

N: Back then, ah...

R: Do you remember playing it?

N: No.

R: So you never played it?

N: Nope.

R: How about TIM?

N: For TIM... KANNO told me that we have done it. But I don't remember.

R: I've seen you guys play the introduction part at the first best album release.

N: So maybe that's what he meant.

R: You didn't play the whole song?

N: Mmm...not quite sure.

R: Do you think you would ever play these songs off from the list? It contains SIESTA、TIM、SARAH Ⅲ、WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE、FRONTIER、SUNNY DAYS、HATE MINE、TAKECOPTER、HALLUCINATION. Are there any songs that you don't think you can play at shows?

N: Well... I don't think I would play FRONTIER as a band any more, so as WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE. We might be able to try it just by singing and playing the guitar.

R: I'd love to see that.

N: Otherwise, I don't have any plans on playing any songs.

R: You don't feel like playing them at all?

N: No. Not at all.

R: Let me ask more about shows.

N: Okay.

R: You did live streamings for all shows. I hear that fans were able to catch lyrics that they can't on recordings.

N: Oh yeah?

R: We get excited about things like that.

N: I'm not sure if I like that...

R: Yeah? You don't like it much?

N: Not really. You know, we pronounce our lyrics mostly with Katakana accents. We don't even try to make them sound like real English. But sometimes, they sound like real English, but I want to keep our Katakana accents.

R: How about Japanese lyrics? I'm not sure if I can understand what they say.

N: I don't want people to dig in too much, even Japanese lyrics.

R: For these songs with no lyrics included in albums?

N: Mmm... Even ones with lyrics, I don't want people to ask me about what it is or what it means.

R: On the day of the show in December, you played THUNDERBOLT. It's been 16 years since you last played this at the Misoka show in 2005.

N: Oh yeah?

R: Speaking of the lyrics, I highly doubt that many people catch the lyrics for the entire song. Fans wouldn't expect the content of the lyrics, would they?

N: I see what you mean. I used a lot of wordplays to make fans confused. Though I think people can still catch the second half part of the lyrics. I was singing thinking that this kind of fit the current situation.

R: So, it's better not to touch the lyrics?

N: You could, but I won't say anything.

R: There is a part of THUNDERBOLT saying "Ketsueki to chigireta karada," blood and torn up body. Who's blood and body?

N: Oh, that's a mosquito.

R: Flat mosquito?

N: Yes. The flat one.

R: I don't think anyone can guess this.

N: It is a flat mosquito.

R: Are you comparing yourself to mosquitos?

N: How should I say... It's something like a bombshell.

R: I have one more question.

N: Okay.

R: The last part of H/S/K/S is also very hard to catch the lyrics.

N: Oh.

R: I have never gotten it. Can you share it with me?

N: Mmm... I don't think I can remember.

R: You played this at a show eight years ago, so you have forgotten?

N: Yes. By the way, what do people think of what I'm saying?

R: People hear it as "Mada tsuzuku, Seishun no, blah blah blah, Tadoritsuku, blah,"

our youth still continues and runs into blah blah blah,

can I tell you this?

N: Yup. I'm ready.

R: NARASAKI-san told me "Mada tsuzuku Seihun no Nanashuu han de Tadorituku Gojuman,"

Our youth still continues and runs into 500,000yen after the seven and a half turns.

N: Oh yeah. That's right.

R: I was told so. Seven and a half relates to earth's revolution?

N: Yes. That's the speed of light.

R: Many people hear it as Kokyuunan, thinking that it's a short for Kokyuukonnan, dyspnea. No one thinks that it would be Gojyuuman, 500,000yen.

N: Yes. 500,000yen.

R: What did you say? This is the amount that you lent?

N: Yes yes yes. K/S from H/S/K/S came from the name of our engineer, KENJI SHIMODA. I lent him 500,000yen at that time.

R: So, the part of the lyrics means the money that you lent? Only the part?

N: Yes, exactly.

R: Did you tell SHIMODA-san that you made it into the lyrics?

N: Yes, so that he won't forget.

R: I was very impressed because no one would write such lyrics. It's amazing and crazy. I'm sorry if I go off the track too much.

N: No problem. Some hardcore fans might be excited to hear about this.

R: I bet that they do, especially those who love to catch the lyrics that are hard to hear. Let me get back to the question about setlist in December's show. You cut one song out from the list, didn't you?

N: I cut a few songs.

R: Not only one, but a few?

N: Yes.

R: Is it okay to ask why?

N: It had already happened, so maybe no point of asking.

R: You tried to play a few more songs than you actually did, right?

N: Yeah. A few...

R: We looked back 3 shows that happened last year. What do you think about playing shows this year? You think you will do it?

N: I haven't decided yet. So far, no plans. I felt like I needed to play shows last year, even just a few.

R: Because it was the 30th anniversary year?

N: It was because of the 30th anniversary, but also I felt that I needed to do it since no one knows how things will go in this bad condition of the current days.

R: So, so far, no plans?

N: Yeah. I feel bad for the audience. I want them to be able to shout during the show. Also the ticket prices have gone up, so I hope that somehow we can bring them back to normal. Once we can make these happen, it would be nice to do shows again.

R: I'll look forward to the next shows.

N: Yeah. YouTube will stay the same, so I can say such things. After some time, it would be nice to see things have gotten better.

R: Yeah. I guess so. Maybe...

Friday, December 10, 2021

30th Anniversary Extra livestream, NO THANK YOU goods, JET SET rehearsal audio

COTD FAN ( is slowly moving to Tumblr ( ).

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' Extra 30th Anniversary concert
will be livestreamed!

12/14 start time: 1900 (JST)
ticket: 3500yen

Overseas fans can purchase an e-ticket through Zaiko with a credit card or PayPal.

(No news on international shipping yet...)

JET SET rehearsal audio


Thursday, September 9, 2021

30th Anniversary Concert LIVESTREAM

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' 30th anniversary concert will be livestreamed!
9/15 open: 1800, start: 1900 (Japan time)
You can purchase an e-ticket with a credit card or PayPal.
(starting price is 3,500yen)

Unfortunately, ICHIMAKI and WATCHMAN will be not participating in the concert.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Yukari Telepath 2021

NARASAKI is selling a new version of Yukari Telepath (the song, not the album) in his online shop, Yorosudo!

Normal price is 180yen, but it's on sale today for 100yen! You can use PayPal or a credit card. You will need a Pixiv account to log in.

NARASAKI - Yukari Telepath 2021

You can also listen to a preview in the link.
This version is very dream-like, calming, and refreshing.

I wonder what else NARASAKI will release in Yorosudo!