Friday, May 24, 2024

COTD X BORIS Interview 2024

(Google Translated)

"-Taking that into consideration, what would you do if you were to go on an overseas tour with DEEPERS? Would you still like to go overseas?

...If you were to go, would you start in America or Europe?

(Boris)Atsuo: ...So, if I were to do it, I think it would be Europe or Australia. In America, visas and all that kind of stuff are a hassle.

...I think America has the biggest hurdles even at the preparation stage.

...In the case of DEEPERS, the backstage sound system is complicated, including in-ear monitors, so I feel like it would be quite a high hurdle to do that at various venues overseas.

NARASAKI: That's why we refined it for that purpose. We made it more compact so that it could be taken out quickly and easily.

-I really want you to have an overseas tour. I think that even overseas fans of Japanese music don't have a chance to experience DEEPERS' music directly, so they don't really understand the context. So I think that music fans overseas would really like you to come.

NARASAKI: Yes. I was recommended to join Bandcamp, and when I started, I was surprised at how much support there was."

Crossing fingers for a COTD x BORIS overseas tour, especially in the US, and SHEEP EP!!!!!
Please support COTD on their Bandcamp!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Yukari Telepath (instrumental) & interview

 COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS uploaded an instrumental version of the Yukari Telepath album on their official Bandcamp!

There was also a BORIS x COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS interview teasing COTD planning an overseas tour...!!!!!

Google Translate:
Boris referring to COTD:

"ATSUO: At first, we wanted to perform together overseas after we performed in Japan, but the timing just didn't come together. My feeling was that it would be easier to create opportunities overseas if we created sound sources together, so I made suggestions like that."


"That's certainly true. There is a possibility that this release will be a clue to the Deepers going overseas."

Wednesday, November 22, 2023


 NARASAKI has posted a new COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS song, "SHIOSAI" on Yorosudo!


It's absolutely beautiful... You can purchase it from this link:

I wonder if this new song will be on the upcoming SHEEP EP...

COTD is also releasing new merch on the "hello there" tour with Boris!

I hope I can get the beanie...

Monday, September 18, 2023

hello there, sheep (le), camp off-tone

and Boris will release a collaboration album, hello there!

Coaltar of the Deepers x Boris - hello there
A self-cover split album with new recordings and new presentations of previously released songs.
CD release: January 2024
VINYL release: February 2024
World wide release::Dog Knights Productions

They will be on tour (in Japan) with Asunojokei as a special guest in November!

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS also contributed a song, SHEEP (LE), in a various artist compilation, Discocharge 2023. [August 18, 2023]

HARDCORE KITCHEN - Discocharge 2023 "Hello, Curious Killers"

You can purchase the CD here:

NARASAKI will perform with Kazuhide Yamaji (dip) at CAMP Off-Tone in October (Japan). They will be performing ambient music- similar to Hinode Tracks.

Friday, March 17, 2023


 COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS announced a 25th Anniversary live for SUBMERGE.
May 27th at CLUB SEATA.
The lineup will be NARASAKI, KANNO, Akira (Nakayama; Plastic Tree; guitar), Kenjiro (Murai; caligari; bass), and Morota (Eiji; keyboard).

You can vote for new COTD merch/goods on Vinyl Junkie's tweet:

Wednesday, March 8, 2023


NARASAKI created the song ADELHEID for idol group XOXO Extreme in 2022.
It is one of my favorite works of NARASAKI outside of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS.
Now the fans are gifted with a COTD version of the song.
You can purchase it on Yorosudo!


Monday, September 19, 2022

Sheep e.p.

 Sheep e.p. is coming...!!!!!

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS will be performing their new songs at their upcoming live shows!

Release date is unknown, but keep an eye out...!!!!!

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