Friday, March 19, 2010

NARASAKI tweets a twitpic

NARASAKI tweets a twitpic of an old TOKUSATSU photo. :)

大串さん、素敵な写真をいっぱいありがとうございました 。特撮のライブってこういうイメージが強かったです

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NARASAKI made a thank you movie

hahaha Today, NARASAKI posted a tweet with a link to a funny "thank you" movie.

I've made an #tackfilm: うわ~面白い~!! 偉くなったみたいで気分が良い

It's a fun way to make yourself feel awesome. :P

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NARASAKI tweets Hinode tracks 2008-2009

Today, NARASAKI made two Twitter posts that included two tracks from Hinode tracks 2008-2009!

RT @NACKIEeeee 自作のアンビエント 置いておきます。*注意 眠くなります。


Hinode tracks 2008-2009

FUJI (track 09)

love lost (track 19)

Thank you, NARASAKI!

The tracks are very ambient and relaxing. <3

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is old news but NARASAKI and WATCHMAN have Twitter accounts.
I was hesitant to post this information on this blog because I wasn't sure if NARASAKI would have liked to keep his Twitter private... However, I'm sure a lot of his fans follow his Twitter, including me. hahaha...
Special thanks to a Japanese COTD FAN, for telling me about the twitter account!

NARASAKI's Twitter

WATCHMAN's Twitter

If you find anymore related members who have Twitters, please let me know. :)

If you look at NARASAKI's current tweet, he posted guitar chords for a song...
It's PART of the opening theme song of Hanamaru Youchien, Aozora Triangle!

Hanamaru Youchien - Aozora Triangle (0'31"-0'49")

F△7すてC△7きなものF△7おとし Em7てくからD#△7表面A#△7張力D#△7あふれDm7だすんだC#△7おもA#△7ちゃ箱のB△7F#△7たちF#m7G#m7A△7

F△7 sute C△7 ki na mono F△7 otoshi Em7 teku kara
D#△7 hyoumen A#△7 chouryoku D#△7 afure Dm7 dasunda
C#△7 omo A#△7 cha hako no B△7 yume F#m7 tachi F#m7 ga G#m7 > A△7

+ + + +

I updated the post with all the Hanamaru Youchien endings (from episodes 1-10).