Monday, May 31, 2010

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Just a few updates!

I changed the image on the COTD FAN blog. I think it looks a little better...

Please welcome ksms onto our COTD FAN staff! He will be assisting with researching/finding things about COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS.

He also did an awesome cover of GOOD MORNING! Check it out.

NARASAKI also added some awesome tracks onto his Audio for Twitter!
(lake side, pix, tortoise and me in KTZ rmx, Lakeside(beat))

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lostman, COTD FAN staff researcher, found some random awesome photos online!

rare TOKUSATSU photo
I think it's from a Loft Project interview, but I can't find the original link.
source link:

TOKUSATSU 12/31/2003 live
original link:

NARASAKI doing someone's hair for a bridal show. Who knew NARASAKI was good at doing hair? If you look at the photo carefully, you can see that NARASAKI's wearing hide's (X Japan, Spread Beaver, Zilch) necklace!
H 101 - Hidestyle Choker
original link:

NARASAKI and his guitar
original link:

Young NARASAKI?! Lookin' good~
original link:

These NARASAKI and TOKUSATSU photos are from someone's blog, but I can't find the original link/source.
This might be the source link, but it's not working:

I don't know where this photo is from and I forgot where I found it, sorry!
I THINK it's from a TOKUSATSU photoshoot.

Nana, COTD FAN Translator & Affiliate, scanned this from a magazine she had. I forgot what magazine it was though...

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Floating_cereal's blog has cool stuff and really cute images too!
It seems like floating_cereal is a huge COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS fan too! It's always nice to see COTD fans!
source link:

original link:

fan-made COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS kewpie?! CUTE!

original link:

original link:

original link:

original link:

It's like a combination of the album covers of SINKING SLOWLY and THE VISITORS FROM DEEPSPACE!

Thanks for the finds, Lostman and Nana!

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NARASAKI's twitter profile picture.

NARASAKI's twitpic!
Original post:
先ほど知人より、絶望葬会での写真をい ただきました。ステージ裏でTシャツを見せびらかしたい自分。剛力招来!!

It's from the Otsuki Kenji and Zetsubou Girls live on Halloween day!
Old post:

NARASAKI's old facebook profile picture.
It looks like his outfit from TOKUSATSU's music video, 綿いっぱいの愛を!
You can see the music video on YouTube!

ASYLUM photos [2009]

ASYLUM posted some photos on their MySpace!

MySpace link:

[Kanno on drums, Koji on guitar]

9/26/2009 Photography by: Kousuke

Kanno & Koji

Gazelle, Kanno, & Koji

Gazelle, Kanno, & Koji

Kanno & Koji

NARASAKI & function code(); [2007]

In 2007, NARASAKI (He went by NACKIE.) helped out the band, function code();, on two of their songs, UNDYING LOVE and (HeroinE);. [5.27.2010 EDIT: NARASAKI also worked on the songs: THE NIGHT FLUTTER, ALICE IN BROKEN WONDERLAND, BETTINA, CAMELLIA, HIGH DIVER and JULIET - Thanks SerialTear!] I think he mainly helped them out with guitar composition. I'm not exactly sure.

original link:

2007.08.26 Sunday - THE DAY OF RECORDINGS #02


I found this Japanese blog while searching for COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS photos. The blog had a high quality image of NARASAKI (Some of you may recognize the photo from an online interview, but this image in in higher quality.)!
The blog mentions something about ordering a photo along with THE BREASTROKE II (according to Google Translate)... As far as I'm concerned, the official COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' website never said anything about selling photos. If anyone could translate the blog entry, please do!

original link:


梁山泊 [2001]

In 2001, COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS was on a TV show called, 梁山泊 (Ryo Zang Pak).
I think it's a comedy game show.
the members, NARASAKI, KANNO, and ICHIMAKI, and another band (I forgot their name) were on the game show.
The videos USED TO BE on YouTube, but due to copyright laws, the videos were taken down.
I tried to find more information on this episode, but none were recorded online.

From what I remember from watching the videos, COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and the other band were asked questions and some were personal. After all the points were added up, in the end, the other band won.

If anyone has any information on this episode and TV show, please let me know!

Yahoo! Japan Auctions [July 2007]

I'm sorry for not posting, everyone! I've been quite busy...

This is old news, but I've been meaning to post this information up.
Back in July 2007, NARASAKI was auctioning off some guitars and equipment. Unfortunately, I was stupid and did not save the photos of his equipment. :( SORRY!

Original text from COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' website:


VHT 「FIFTY/ST(G5034-L)」 ギター アンプ (
Guitar Amplifier)
Use special effects such as the first album. )

Fender Jazz Bass JB 1972年 フェンダー ジャズベ
Requires considerable care is worth.
Use until the early COTD submerged. )

Ex-pro キャビ ステレオ仕様 15×2 , 12×2
Frequently used in special effects.
Based in-cabinet for.
When using sub-rather than as a main guitar amp
Better be thought of as a reinforcement of bass and treble?
If growth is a really nice bass. )

Fender JAPAN JAZZMASTER 1994年 フェンダー ジャズマスター
COTD「without hesitation into door away」等「newave」で多く使用。
COTD "without hesitation into door away" and "newave" used a lot.
Sounds pretty firm.)

Fender Jaguar 1966年 フェンダー ジャガー こちらはUSA
astrobrite/supercrash 全曲、COTD/entreaty, prophet provedなど

(astrobrite / supercrash songs, COTD / entreaty, prophet proved and
It now is used in many songs, I decided to give up because of reduced usage.
Sounds pretty firm.)

[sloppy translations provided by Google Translate]
[original link:]

There is also this Japanese website that has a photo of one of NARASAKI's auctioned off items.

From what I remember, the items were ONLY AVAILABLE for Japan.
I also remember that one black guitar that had a small sticker of a cute bunny on the head of the guitar. hahaha
I'm very jealous of the people who have those items now...
If anyone has one of NARASAKI's items, please share some photos! :)