Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Fellow broaltars, it's a moment in history!
[COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' latest release was DEAR FUTURE and announced RABBIT EP on Twitter in 2011.]
What was a running gag during concerts is now reality.

shirt from “THE END OF SUMMER” @ Shinjuku LOFT 2012

You can purchase RABBIT EP digitally on iTunes:

You can purchase a physical copy of RABBIT EP from CDJapan, HMV, and Vinyl Junkie.



Vinyl Junkie

Lucky fans in Japan who purchased a copy from Disk Union in person received a limited edition badge pin.

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' last music video, EVIL LINE, was released around 2007.
Today, we received a NEW MUSIC VIDEO surprise: SUMMER GAZER '92

There is a new online store with new COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS goods!
(The logos were designed by Atsuo from BORIS.)

Now some words from NARASAKI:


この7年間 仕事はいつでも楽しく音楽制作してこれてきましたが久しぶりにDEEPERSやるとそれはまぁ時間がかかりましたね。なんせ誰からもストップかかりませんから。4曲で半年以上かかりましたので、この構築からの破壊実験を繰り返して模索して作るみたいな手法ではアルバムは夢のまた夢ですな。

そろそろライブもね。それではRABBIT EP お耳に合えば嬉しいです。

Roughly translated with Google Translate & Bing Translator:

DEEPERS' new release is 7 years old. However, four songs including SUMMER GAZER, which were recorded this time, were composed more than 7 years ago. Since there were too many blanks, I wanted to return to a neutral state before making a new one. I feel like I'm starting to affirm myself 7 years ago.

For 7 years of work, I have been making music for fun, but it took DEEPERS a long time.
No one stops for anyone.
Because it took more than half a year in 4 songs, the album is a dream of a dream with a method of repeating destructive experiments from construction and exploring it.

Still there are new ideas and I would like to embody them.
It's time to live.
I'm happy if you listen to RABBIT EP.

+ + + +

Thank you so much for these new releases!
I hope this means there will be more COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS in the future. :)

Friday, November 2, 2018

(partial) CAT EP release interview 1997

Indies Magazine Vol.7 (February 1997)

* 1月30日にアルバム先行シングル 『 CAT EP 』 が発売になるんですよね?

うん。 ジャケットがものすごくいいよ。 俺コレ店で見たらジャケ買いするもん。 ベリーグッド (Very good!)!

* ジャケットの猫ちゃんおシリからシツボのラインがメチャかわいいもんねえ。

俺はね, 目だな。 思想のある目をしてるでしょ? そこが好きなんだよね。


* 次にって...? あっ、そういえば、今ここにあるシングルと、 リリースするシングルとは内容が変わってるという噂を聞いたんですが。

いやあ、 どうでしょう (笑)?

ノーコメントで  (No comment.)(笑)。

Roughly translated with Google Translate and Bing Translator:

* On January 30th, the leading album single, "CAT EP" will be released?

Yes. The jacket is amazingly good. I'll buy a jacket when I see it in the store. "Very Good!"

* The line on the jacket cat's butt to the tail is very cute.

My preference is her eyes. She has eyes with thought, doesn't she? I like that.

But if you look next, it might be a stuffed animal.

* What's next...? Oh, by the way, I heard rumors that the contents are changing with the single now and the single to be released.

Well, how is that (laughs)?

"No comment." (laughs).

NOTE:* The interviewer is referring to the album cover of CAT EP when talking about the "jacket".
* KANNO's comment is a hint to COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' EP series inspired by PostPet.
* The contents changing may be referring to the release of CAT EP and CAT EP II.
According to the Japanese COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS Wikipedia page, NARASAKI did not like the sound quality of the original CAT EP, so he released it again.

EDIT: I corrected the translations. Special thanks to iwtmyut!