Monday, January 25, 2010

New COTD Goods!

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS updated their website again!

* COTDパーカー枚数、サイズ限定販売

They're selling a limited edition dark blue COTD jacket!
It's available on the KNIR website.

Apparently, the jacket was sold in 2007 and they're bringing it back this year!
Unfortunately, Large sizes are sold out... and they only accept mail orders.

I wish I could get a COTD jacket! D:
Too bad they don't have my size and it's over $55... y__y
Would someone like to buy one for me? hahaha

It seems like COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS is trying to be more independent since they're selling items in KNIR instead of through Musicmine Inc.
Good for them for doing their own thing! <3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1000+ HITS!

COTD FAN has been open since 2006. I've had over 1000 hits since then!
However, in 2009, COTD FAN had some website difficulties and had to change web servers.
In doing so, I set the counter back to zero.
NOW, COTD FAN has finally reach over 1000 hits again!
Thank you so much for visiting my fansite!
Please continue to support COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and NARASAKI!

I will continue updates to COTD FAN soon...
Until then, please check out this blog instead.


+ + + +

I received The Breastroke II in the mail yesterday, along with my copy of Sadesper Record's Externalization 1.
My collection of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS-related items (that is available for overseas) is pretty much complete! (excluding compilations...)

I will have a proper update... soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Wow, it seems like I'm updating this blog more than usual!

I just received an e-mail today from HMV telling me that my package with The Breastroke II has been shipped today! Earlier than I expected!

Also... COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS made an update on their website!

* 「Takecopter」をTONE.scにて着うたフル先行配信のお知らせ
 NO THANK YOUのレコーディング時に録音されたICHMAKIの未発表曲です。

+ EDIT + 1.20.2010

According to my internet COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS fan friend from Japan, Takecopter is a song that was released on January 15th by mobile phone only through TONE (tyaku-uta(着うた)). The song was made during the making of the NO THANK YOU album with NARASAKI and ICHIMAKI and was never released until now! I think they mention My Bloody Valentine because the song was inspired by them.
It's a cute amazing song!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hanamaru Kindergarten photos

Last year, I knew that the Hanamaru Kindergarten website had a blog but I didn't find any blog entries about WATCHMAN or NARASAKI until today!
I finally decided to go through all their posts and found CUTE pictures of WATCHMAN and NARASAKI with Hanamaru Kindergarten's spokesperson mascot, PandaNeko (panda cat).

[Hanamaru Kindergarten Blog]
PandaNeko visits King Records and meets WATCHMAN.
PandaNeko visits the studio again and meets NARASAKI.
He mentions that NARASAKI was the director for the sound mixing (I think...).

NOTE: This image had animated sparkles but I couldn't save the image since it was a flash file.
This is also my favorite photo of NARASAKI. <3

Sadesper Record really like their hats~ ;]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sadesper Record & Goro Watari

I just received my copy of Sadesper Record's A sort of Sound Track for U.F.O.!

I'm sorry for not updating COTD FAN lately, but I have been busy with college.
I plan on including scans from this CD!

Unfortunately, the CD does not contain any lyrics...
However, here's some interesting information:

The music was for an independent movie called, U.F.O. which was directed by YU-ICHI SUKIGARA of GOD X DOG Production. Sadly, his website is not available anymore... All I know is that the movie was released in 2004 and it was a 90-minute film. The SIESTA music video is supposedly their trailer.

In this release, NARASAKI goes by the alias, GORO WATARI.

Sadesper Record - A sort of Sound Track for U.F.O.








YouTube videos:

Sadesper Record - Siesta

Sadesper Record - Siesta (demo)

+ + + +

A while back, I purchased another rare CD: Goro Watari - Hinode Tracks [2008].

I will provide scans in a future COTD FAN update...

The CD came in a thick paper cover and paper slip. The package also included a piece of paper with the album artwork. Not that much information is known on Hinode Tracks other than it was a collaboration project and there were a few yearly releases. I THINK this CD was just a collection of all of NARASAKI's tracks in all the Hinode Tracks that someone decided to put together.
If you like ambience electronic music, I think you'd like this CD.

Goro Watari - Hinode Tracks [2008]

01. Introduction Of Externaliztion (NOTE: This is the same track from Sadesper Record's Externalization 1)
02. Era
03. Revt
04. Joya
05. Joya C
06. Joya 3D (NOTE: This track was from HINODE TRACKS 2007 To 2008)
07. Palse
08. Tortoise And Me In Kotatsu (NOTE: This track was from HINODE TRACKS 2007 To 2008)
09. Pix
10. 88 (NOTE: This is NOT the same track from BEAR EP)

More information:
- This CD was purchased from u-cover.
- The album cover was photographed by Koen Lybaert.
- The CD is limited to 155 copies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Today, I was bored and was in a very COTD mood so I decided to make my first COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS wallpaper.
Before, I just used the cover art of Come Over To the Deepend for my desktop but I wanted a change~.

I made three versions!
One is the right size for my netbook laptop and the other two are the default sizes.

I hope you guys like it!

1024 x 600 NOTE: This wallpaper is slightly different because I made this one first.

1024 x 768

800 x 600

The Breastroke II postponed again

I received an e-mail from HMV today regarding The Breastroke II shipping. Here's the e-mail:

"...As we have received lots of orders from our customers regarding the item above, we are expecting to receive the copies for the second time on 01/14/10. Your patience is greatly appreciated. (Please note that there may be a delay depending on the manufacturer.)

An e-mail regarding the delay will be sent to you on the date of estimate delivery..."

Maybe the DVD will be included...?
I'm still not sure about the DVD information...

However, I'm still excited! I can't wait to get my copy!

EDIT: 1/13/2010 - confirmation of shipping date

HMV sent me another e-mail:

We are writing to inform you that your Order is regrettably delayed due to items not received from the manufacturer. The original estimated delivery date for this order was 17 Jan 2010.

I can still wait. :]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten
Hanamaru Youchien
[Official Website]

I just saw the first episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten today.
I'm not into anime that much anymore but I had to watch this show because Sadesper Record did the background music! hahaha Anything that's COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS-related or NARASAKI-related I must be a part of!
If you're into ridiculously cute anime and a little bit of mature humor, I think you'd like this anime.
It's pretty much about cute little kindergarten kids and teachers... so far.

You can watch the first episode here: (special thanks to watchanimeon)

[Episode 1]

The first episode didn't have an opening theme... unless I missed it... If I missed it then it's ridiculously short.
However, the background music in the anime was amazing. I loved the main background music theme!
It also turns out that NARASAKI composed the ending theme song!

I'm really happy that NARASAKI and WATCHMAN are active!



title screen

ending theme