Sunday, June 20, 2010

small COTD FAN update


It's been a LONG TIME since I last made actual updates to COTD FAN.
I only added scans from Sadesper Record's Externalization 1 and A Sort of Sound Track for U.F.O..
I also organized the BAND section so it's a lot better to look through now. I also cleaned up the GALLERY section a bit.

The reason why the updates are taking so long is that I'm trying to clean up all the sloppy html codes and I want to transfer all the images from Photobucket to my web server. I dislike Photobucket because they end up shrinking my images and after a long time, they'll stop linking the images due to "account inactivity." I don't want to keep dealing with that in the future so I'm going to move the images to my account and even re-scan some stuff (since Photobucket shrunk them).

I apologize for the long wait.
Updates will take a little longer since I'll be starting summer school tomorrow too...

- HT