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Indies Magazine Vol.49 (July 2001)

Indies Magazine Vol.49 (July 2001) [Rittor Music]
NO THANK YOU release / interview with NARASAKI
Track #4: Driven (JOY RIDE)

scan credit: iwtmyut
translations are coming soon...


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New York

(incomplete lyrics found on

窓から見えるよ 大きなエンパイヤ・ステートビル
ここはニューヨーク ビルがいっぱい

色んな人種がいるよ 不思議な街だね
ここはニューヨーク 街を歩けばJazzがいいね

遠くに見るのがいいよ 自由の女神



(rough translation by Google Translate)

You can see from the window big Empire State Building
There are lots of New York buildings here
Pizza is good

There are various races, it is a mysterious city
Jazz is good if you walk in New York City here

You can see it far away Statue of Liberty
This is New York
Ultra quizzes last point

Taxes are slightly expensive, but
But it has no bad points

The wallet also became empty
Let's go back to Japan

+ + + +

In March, I got to go to New York (for the first time) for vacation.

Out of curiosity, I visited the old Kampo Studios (aka Kampo Cultural Center Inc.) location.
(31 Bond St. in Manhattan)
COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS recorded with Kampo Studios around 1998-2001.
(SUBMERGE, RECEIVE E.P., Come Over To the Deepend, NO THANK YOU(I think))
Unfortunately, the studio closed in 2010.
You can find COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS on their client list:

view of the whole building

front door

I also went to Manhattan Chinatown and found the shirt NARASAKI wore in the UNLIMBER PV.

Japanese Sci-Fi References

Fun post time!
NARASAKI is a huge sci-fi fan.
Here are some references he used:

NARASAKI got his alias, Goro Watari, from the main character of Inazuman (1973).

SADESPER RECORD got it's name from Sadespar.

U-DESPER RECORDS (NARASAKI's record label) got it's name from Udespar.

The characters on THE VISITORS FROM DEEPSPACE album art are loosely based off of Alien Zetton from Ultraman or Kemur Man from Ultra Q.

Hedorian Forever is a reference to Queen Hedrian from Denshi Sentai Denziman (1980).

source links:

Let us know if you know any other sci-fi references that have been made! :)